Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser Review

Many of us pet parents are forced to leave our furry babies at home while we are at work or when we go out to dinner or elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be nice to look in on our dogs whenever we wanted? Enter the wi-fi pet monitoring camera, specifically the Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser. The following is our unbiased review of this product.Petzi pet cam main

The Essential Stats

Manufacturer: Petzi

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

Price: $169.99

Use: Remote monitoring and treat providing for your dog/cat

What They Say About Their Product: “A fun and easy way to connect with your pet, from anywhere, anytime!”

What’s in the box: Petzi Treat Cam, 6′ AC power adapter, Universal Mounting Kit & Rubber Feet, Quick-Start Guide, Sample Treats

Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser Description

This small device can be loaded with treats and connects to your Wi-Fi connection at your house. To activate the camera, you can download the Petzi Treat Cam app to your tablet or smartphone. Once you create a pet profile on the app, you can connect to the camera and look in on your pet anytime you want. With that camera, you can also capture still images of your dog while you’re connected. The device is also equipped with a speaker so you can talk to your pet too. Finally, it is also equipped with a treat launcher that allows you to give treats to your pet remotely. The treat launcher currently has a patent pending, and should only be loaded with dry, crunchy treats less than 1″ in size.

How To Set It Up

  1. Plug in.
  2. Fill with dry, crunchy treats less than 1″ in size.
  3. Download the app.
  4. Create a pet profile.
  5. Pair with local wi-fi network.
  6. Access your Petzi Treat Cam from anywhere, anytime.Petzi pet cam mounted

The Popular Pup’s Unbiased Review

Let’s start at the beginning. We LOVE the concept. Here at The Popular Pup we love interacting with our dogs as much as humanly possible, and Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser allows us to interact as much as we want. We think that the launcher that that allows you to spoil your pet with a treat anytime you want is amazing. Our favorite feature on the camera is the ability to snap images of your pet while you’re connected. Once your dog learns that the device dispenses treats, you can get some pretty awesome pictures of your excited dog waiting in anticipation.Petzi pet cam functions

Petzi advertises that with a simple tap, you can see, speak, snap, or treat while connected to your Petzi Treat Cam. We agree with that slogan. The camera is very user-friendly and you will be able to tell the inventors designed the camera that way. The smartphone/tablet app literally has four functions: see, speak, snap, and treat. The camera and speaker provide you with high quality audio and video while looking in on your dog. We also like that the device makes a chime noise when you first connect to let your dog know that you are watching.petzi pet cam app

We like the idea of being able to speak to your pet, however, it’s not actually very practical. Since our dogs associate our presence most strongly with our smell, our slightly distorted voice over a wi-fi connection doesn’t help your dog recognize that you are the one providing the treats.

Here’s the section where we discuss what could be improved about the Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser.

  1. The device only comes in the color white, so it may not match your house decor.
  2. You cannot record videos of your pet, only snap still images.
  3. Only one account can be associated with each Petzi device. That means that if multiple family members want to connect to the camera, they all need to share the same login and profile.
  4. No microphone, so you cannot hear your dog bark or make any noise. Communication is one-way.
  5. The price-tag. With so many varieties of wi-fi cameras on the market for less money, the Petzi Treat Cam has almost priced itself right out of the competition.

The Bottom Line

Let’s have some real talk. Overall, we like this camera device. It’s reliable, simple to use, and gives you the ability to give your dog treats at anytime. Would we recommend you buy one? We say NO. We would recommend you check out these other wi-fi cameras that are also simple to use and reliable. Not all of them will have the treat dispensing functionality, but many of them are equipped with two-way communication, so you can hear your dog as you are interacting with him.Petzi pet cam treat functions

As we understand, Petzi is currently working on the 2.0 version of their wi-fi camera, which we are hoping will address some or all of the short-comings listed above, and further increase the reliability. If they are able to improve the product, we would have no problem recommending buying the camera for almost $170.

If you have any questions or have a product you would like us to review, please leave a comment and let us know!



  1. That is looking pretty awesome but, I agree, a little too pricey. I am looking for Wi-Fi camera for my apartment and now I am a little tempted to get this one as well so I can spoil my dog remotely. 🙂
    What happens when more than one person wants to connect with app? Is there any problem because of one password? Can you have more than one person watching at the same time?

    • Essentially you get an error trying to connect to the camera when multiple users try to access at the same time. You cannot have more than one person watching at the same time unfortunately. As I understand, that is going to be an added feature in the 2.0 version.

  2. Hi Nate: Thank you for this honest review. We pet lovers spend so much money on our companions that it helps to have an unbiased opinion before purchasing that one more thing. Is there any information about how to make sure your pet doesn’t get fat from over using devices like this one?

    • Hi Bethany, I would trust your instincts on how many treats your pet can have and still maintain a healthy weight. One way you could ensure he doesn’t get too many treats is to only load the hopper with the maximum number of treats you want to allow. Since you as the owner are in control of the treat frequency, you could also keep a tally of how many you give him.

  3. I had not heard of the Petzi Treat Cam WiFi Pet Camera Treat Dispenser. Whoever invented it is surely an animal lover and a genius.

    I could use about half a dozen in my house. I’d put one in every room. Yes, I live in a zoo and I’m always looking for new ways to spoil my critters to new heights of indulgence.

    • If you’re going to put them in multiple rooms of your house, I would go for more of a multi-camera setup, rather than the Petzi Treat Cam… You would need to have a separate login and password for each camera; I don’t believe you would find that convenient.

  4. Great review! As a pet mom to a dog and three cats, it’s a neat idea, but I honestly can help but wonder if this could have a negative effect on your pet. Since I do not have any experience with talking to my pet over an electronic device such as this, I can’t help but wonder if your disembodied voice could cause anxiety in your pet.

    We all know that our pets do not particularly like it when we leave them at home. so I would almost think that hearing your voice but not seeing and smelling you could cause some confusion. Sure this could possibly be negated with the dispensing of treats. In my opinion I would much rather just have a web cam so I can check in on what they are doing, or getting into, without disturbing them. Great article!

    • I’m with you on wanting just a webcam so I can watch them. If they start to cause trouble, I seriously doubt scolding them over a microphone will stop them.

  5. I feel like this would just be to confusing. They love our presence. I don’t think they care to much for our voice as long as were not yelling at them. If they heard our voice they would probably have a panic attack trying to find us. Maybe if it had a screen on it. Even then it would still be hard for them to understand. Yet, if it works for some, that’s awesome.

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